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l’n’l is a small streetwear label, just so happening to be from zurich, switzerland. from time to time, we produce beautiful things to wear.

we do our best to make our products as sustainable as possible. “sustainable” is a big and overused word. for us it means three things: one, we use organic materials whenever available and appropriate (sometimes durable trumps organic); two, we label and package our products with recycled materials (mostly from our own production) and use as little packaging as possible; three, the people we collaborate with are fairly compensated.

we’re continuously learning. find out more in PRODUCTION.


spending A LOT of time on a rug under the dinner table (to eavesdrop on conversations or avoid parental control) may spawn a bit of an obsession with “floor décor”. especially, if, due to the grandfather’s family business of importing and selling oriental rugs, the latter were ubiquitous and rotating in and out of decorative use under said table.

this fascination for the many shapes and colors used in rug weaving, and for the contrariety of geometric rigor and opulent chaos in their arrangement, turned into a small collection of boxer shorts, and a t-shirt.

while the shorts’ designs focus on graphic motifs found on kilim rugs, sprinkling them in careful randomness over the fabric, the t-shirt takes a more gourmand approach and joyfully devours the entire chaotic cluster of lines and shapes that make up an oriental rug.


l'n'l, 8004 zurich, switzerland


ig: lnl_clothing

fb: l’n'l

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